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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  April 3, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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♪ i'm so high, i run in place ♪ ♪ only a line will separate ♪ so ♪ keep on playing our favorite song ♪ >> april 2, 2012. from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome to the daily show. my name is jon stewart. boom. we have a good one tonight. my guest, mohammed nasheed, former president of the
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maldives. and climate change activists. climate change is very important to maldives because they were almost underwater. i was in washington d.c. this week at the clinton global initiative university. it was an incredibly impressive group of young people who have social causes and commit manys that they're all working on from all over the country and all over the world were gathered there. i met this kid who had made... he and his two friends made bamboo bicycles. it won the little competition they had amongst all the different groups. incredible. back stage he says to me, hey, listen, you know, i'm from the of engineering. we're having our commencement. i was like, here we go. you know, i've got to explain now i think i'm busy that... that season. you know what i mean? he goes, so, do you know neil degrasse tyson?
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could you ask him if he would do our commencement? so, consider him asked. neil degrasse tyson, of engineering. they make bamboo bike. you should really talk to those mother (beep). let's begin in the realm of politics. you remember all the way back had january john mccain was one of the first prominent republicans to board the mitt private plane with a full throated endorsement. >> i am confident with the leadership and the backing of the american people president obama will turn this country around. we believe in america. we believe that our best days are ahead of us. excuse me. president romney. president romney. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: what did i say? romney. i'm tired.
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anyway, john mccain's seemingly innocent slip-up set the stage for a series of romney endorsements where high profile republicans cannot back the former massachusetts governors without their tongues trying to escape from their heads. the subject of tonight's endless suffrage 2012. romney will be the nominee. everybody has decided. they're all getting behind him. what they haven't really decided is why. last week brought a string of high profile endorsements for romney perhaps none higher than this one. that's right. hefner endorsed romney for president. that is actually former president george herbert walker bush. look at this photo op. mitt romney and an almost 90-year-old guy in what looks like formal yacht wear. look at the picture. who in it looks like the more relateable guy to hang out with? it ain't romney.
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romney is so bland in this picture he makes bush almost like ethnic. all right. let's get to the endorsement. >> barbara and i are very proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support our old friend mitt romney. he's a good man. he'll make a great president. and we just wish him well. >> jon: we do wish he'd stop sitting there staring at us. seriously does mitt romney really need to be staring at them? it looks like he's holding them hostage in some way. george, blink twice if you're really looking to endorse santorum. republican after republican have begun to line up behind mitt romney with one simple message. >> the more we drag it out the harder it is to win in november. it could become counterproductive if it drags on much longer. that's why we need to coalesce as conservatives around mitt
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romney. >> jon: we have voted enough. you know, when we first started voting i thought it was working out for us. but now the voting, i don't know. watch rising star marco rubio attempt to endorse romney without tasting just a little bit of vomit in the back of his throat. >> i am going to endorse mitt romney. the reason is not only because he's going to be the republican nominee but he offers such a stark contrast to the president's record. >> jim: i'm going to endorse romney because he's going to be the republican nominee. that's like i'm going to endorse mitt romney because, what are you going to do? and then he said at this point, he's a good contrast. at this point. this version of romney will be a good contrast to the president. i'm not saying every endorsement has to be at the ted kennedy for the barack obama level. >> i'm proud to stand with him here today and offer my help, offer my voice, offer my energy, my commitment to make barack obama the next
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president of the united states. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: wooo! but an endorsement should at least meet the george kennedy for better breath standard. >> i swallow a few powerful capsules and i have cleaner breath for hours and hours. breath-assured. >> jon: that's an endorsement. he's not saying take breath assure because, well, we just can't keep standing here looking at certs and try dent and the truth is breath assure is better than bad breath i guess. i don't know. all right. a lot of tepid endorsements but these are mostly tea party types that are giving these. let's hear from fellow north eastern dull ex-governors. >> i am endorsing him. mitt is not a perfect candidate. he has a number of problems. >> jon: which are very much overshadowed by his good qualities which are.... >> it's hard for him, for blue- collar families like mine to identify with him.
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it's hard with economic conservatives to identify with him. >> jon: he's good with latinos. >> he needs to do more to reach out to the latinos. >> jon: all right. these are his supporters. for god's sakes, this is presidential politics. fake it better. just imagine if past campaigns had failed this test of sincerity. i like ike would have been "ike's fine." reagan's optimistic morning in america would be "it's time to get up." a proposal on a football scoreboard reading, "look, debra we both know we're not each other's first choices but i don't want to pay for another month of e harmony. you're a worthy companion. so, come on. settle for me." can anybody... ( cheers and applause ) ... anybody out there offer a strong unequivocal endorsement of mitt romney?
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mitt romney's wife. >> sometimes he appears stiff. do you have to fight back like my husband isn't stiff? >> well, you know, i guess we better unzip him and let the real mitt romney out because he is not.... >> jon: we'll be right back.
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: welcome back. one second. your children's education. nothing is more important. you want them to learn enough to do well in the world but not so much that they can win arguments with you. what are they really learning in school? we have this eye-opening story. >> reporter: across the country public education is failing, but in arizona lawmakers have found the solution to the biggest problem facing their schools. >> arizona's governor jan brewer just approved a bill banning ethnic studies classes in public schools. >> reporter: using this new law the tucson school board banned the k-12 mexican-american studies program. school board member michael hicks. >> my concern was a lot of the radical ideas that they were teaching in these classes telling these kids that this is their land. the whites took it over. and the only way to get out from the... beneath the gringo,
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which is the white man, is by bloodshed. >> when you sat in on these classes.... >> i chose not to go to any of their classes. why even go? why even go? i base my thoughts on the hearsay from the others. >> reporter: with powerful evidence like hearsay, the tucson school board had little choice but to end the mexican- american studies program, protecting kids from dangerous teachers like curtis accosta. >> our students are much more likely to graduate and go to college. their test scores have improved. most of all, they're excited about education so they can pursue it in their future lives. >> reporter: you do that by teaching them to hate white people? >> we don't teach them to hate white people. what we're trying to do is provide a more complex version of what has happened in our past so that our students are engaged and ask themselves critical questions and build their own understanding. >> reporter: critical thinking, more like critical brain washing.
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and it gets worse. >> they would, every week, go out and buy doritos and feed them to these kids. >> reporter: what? >> yes. what that does is that builds a... more of a bond between the teacher and the student. >> reporter: i'm loyal to this guy because he bought me doritos. >> right, right. >> reporter: you slip your doritos to kids. >> why would giving food to our youth be something that is frowned upon. >> reporter: when the program goes away, the doritos go away. why these kids are upset. >> pretty offenseive. >> reporter: and now that they've eradicated mexican- american studies from the schools, they can focus on other ethnicities. >> honestly, this law won't be applied to any other of our courses. it was strictly written for one course which is the mexican-american studies program. nobody has complained about
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any of the pan-asian or other courses that are being taught. >> reporter: what about the african-american studies program? >> the african-american studies program is still there. it's not teaching the resentment of a greater class of people. >> reporter: i'm a black kid. try to teach me about slavery without me feeling resentment towards white people. >> how am i going to teach you about slavery? slavery was.... >> reporter: how did i end up here? >> slavery was a... okay. the white man did bring over the african.... >> reporter: what kind of jobs did we do? >> jobs that you guys did was basically slavery jobs. >> reporter: after we were freed we got to vote. >> yeah. well, you didn't get to vote until later. >> reporter: and we were equal? >> almost equal.
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>> reporter: what? we were like sort of a half or three-fifths? >> my personal perception of it, i would say you were probably a quarter. >> reporter: the more he taught me about black history, the more i realized arizona has figured out the right way to teach it. >> we now have a black man as a president, you know, rose a clark did not take a gun and go on to a bus and hold up everybody. >> reporter: sadly the peaceful lessons of rose a clark are lost on the radical reactionary teaching mexican- american studies. >> i think this is a great country. in some countries i might actually be locked up for teaching the way i have while in this country i'm just banned from doing it. >> reporter: very close to getting locked up. until then, arizona's children can count on professional educators like michael hicks to protect them. do you think it will be okay for the school district to have a mexican-american
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studies program when the district is 100% latino? >> no. >> reporter: but at that point there will be no white people left. >> well, if there's no more white people in the world, then, okay, then you can do what you want. >> reporter: oh, don't worry, mr. hicks, we will. we will.
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>> jon: welcome back. my guest tonight, he was the president of the maldives from 2008 until february 2012. he is the subject of the new documentary called the island president. >> four years ago i sat in solitary confinement but in spite of the odds we refused to give up hope. we won our battle for democracy in the maldives. there are those who tell us that climate change is impossible... that solving climate change is impossible. i am here to tell you that we refuse to give up hope. my message to you is continue despite the odds and eventually together we will reach that crucial number 3-5-0. >> jon: please welcome to the program mohammed nasheed. ( applause )
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thank you so much for being here. it's an incredible story. >> thank you very much. thank you for having me. it's been a difficult story. >> jon: it's a very difficult story not just. so the maldives archipelago that is how many islands? >> 2,000. we just one point are at about sea level. we have 200 islands that are inhabited. they're very delicately placed in the middle of the indian ocean. any imball... imbalance to nature has a strong impact on them. >> jon: there are no hills. >> there are no hills. >> jon: when the seas rise.... >> we go down. >> jon: you are fighting this but the back drop of your fight is also a political fight. you were the first democratically elected president of the maldives. >> we've been in the middle of the indian ocean for the last
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2,500 years. we had our first democratic election in 2008. i was fortunate to beat the dictator. unfortunately after the coups he is back again. all his three children are in the cabinet. he's calling the shots. we have to have an election in the maldives as quickly as possible. >> jon: now, is there... your supporters, i imagine, and your opponent's supporters, have there been clashes? >> since the coups, the vast majority of the people have been out on the streets every day for the last seven weeks. i'm afraid we are not seeing many supporters that come out in favor of my opponent. but he has the military police and the judiciary and the institutions, as such. it's easy to beat a dictator through an election. but it's not so easy to overcome the dictatorship. when they come back, they come back with a vengeance.
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we're asking your government to impress upon the government in the maldives the need to have elections as quickly as possible. >> jon: our government, i'm assuming-- and i can only assume this-- doing everything we possibly can to help out this situation. that's how we roll. >> well, i'm afraid there are.... >> jon: bub, now, now. >> yes, your government is trying to help us. >> jon: really? >> well, i hope so. i really do hope that they impress upon the government we have to have elections quickly. >> jon: have they recognized your opponent now as.... >> just seconds after the coups. >> jon: seconds. >> seconds after the coups. >> jon: was.... >> i think perhaps that they are now understanding the ground reality. i met your government officials on friday. they are going to see how they may be able to impress upon
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the government at home. but they seem to have... they have to ask all sorts of people around them before they can say anything. >> jon: i imagine india has a great deal of concern and influence in that area. >> india is very big and large. but i wonder if it's an intelligent thing to outsource your foreign policy. >> jon: you are one, if i may say, very courageous young gentleman. >> did i say something wrong. >> jon: not at all. in this situation that you find yourself in, you come to promote a movie about saving your country from going underwater. and now are you able to even go back to this country or will your opponent... are you a fugitive now in the maldives? >> the fact that i'm able to be on your show i hope would give me some security and safety and hopefully they wouldn't murder me. >> jon: that's why you're here today?
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>> they tried to do that. >> jon: you have risked your life to be here. i really should have watched that movie. i feel terrible now. >> i come here hoping that you would save me. >> jon: you have been given terrible information about our country. in all reality, your supporters and the people around you have been attacked. they've been beaten. do you fear... can you go back, rally your supporters and recreate a democratic movement there? >> we do not give up. democracy has to come back to the maldives. the country has to come back on track. it's not my presidency that is important. it is is that the people of the maldives must be able to decide who would govern them. not brute force. we can't let that go. we have to vote on it. and we will vote on it. >> jon: with so many at stake and it's such a rare situation that not only is the democracy of the area at stake but the very continued existence of
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the island. is that what raises the stakes for you? is that what makes this such an urgent fight? >> it's not just the maldives. more than a quarter of the population is living... manhattan is as high as the maldives. >> jon: i'm actually on a very high floor. i wonder if the elevator still works. >> climate change is an issue that is happening now. we have 16 islands that need relocation. we have water contamination issues. we have fishing problems. there's a whole host of things that are happening now and people have to take note of that. >> jon: let's do that. do you have a few minutes before you go back and be arrested? all right. stay with us for a little bit. we'll throw this up on the webb. the island president is now playing in select cities. mohammed nasheed. we'll be right back.
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( cheers and applause ) >> jon: that's our show. boy, it's always a treat when you can in this world meet people that just impress you to such an extent as mohammed nasheed. what a gentleman. i think we all wish him the best. here it is your moment of zen. >> florida senator marco rubio who publicly endorsed mitt romney earlier this week offered this take yesterday. there were a lot of people out there that some of us wish had run for president.